Christmas Plays 2020.

Unfortunately due to coronavirus and the local tier 3 restrictions Coventry Mummers have not been able to perform the Christmas plays in public this year. However, to maintain an unbroken record at Stoneleigh, (follow this link for photographs) whilst maintaining Social Distancing etc, a group of six performed without an audience in the village on Boxing Day.

We hope that this is just a one year interruption to the annual Christmas performances that have been maintained since the 1970's and look forward to seeing you all at the December 2021 performances.

The members remain in good health during these difficult times, with the vicissitudes of 'lockdown' being dulled by the efforts of the North Cotswold Brewery and its admirable delivery service.

Sadly, no performances will occur in the near future. Under current rules, it may be possible to perform in the open air but it would be problematic; not that an audience of six would lessen our enthusiasm but the 2 metre social distancing would constrain the fight, death and resurrection scenes of our plays. I believe the Royal Shakespeare Company is experiencing similar problems.

Photographs from our last rehearsal, just before 'lockdown' are shown below. Our re-vamped St George Play features the struggle between Corona Virus and our NHS.

We are the NHS.
The nation doth admire us,
And with our bold St George,
We'll beat the chuffing virus

Covid is initially victorious and overwhelms St George.

An unfortunate start but the Doctor is called and thanks to his caring actions, St George is revived and lives to destroy the 'second peak'.

In comes the Doctor brave and good.
A drink from this bottle will cleanse his blood,
The stuff therein, North Cotswold's Windrush
It'll drive out Covid in one great flush

And should the patient still be weak
Of stronger potions we should speak
Energy from North Cots' Shagweaver
Will surely drive out any fever.

With growing confidence, St George gains the advantage and beats off the virus.

On Windrush is the patient fed,
St George alive and Covid fled
So disinfect and wash your hands,
To clense our green and pleasant lands.

Thus, Covid19 was defeated.

We look forward to seeing you all in 2021, Covid19 permitting.

When lockdown started, we knew it would end in tiers.